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Mx 70

Mx 70


- Fast and uniform heating with halogen lamp and innovative SRA technology
- High repeatability of 0.001% (Standard Deviation)
- WinCT-Moisture for real-time graph displaying
- Sodium Tartrate Dihydrate comes standard for accuracy checking
- Calibration of the heater temperature
- Memory function for both test parameters and results
- Four measurement programs: standard, automatic, timer, and manual mode
- Clear and easy-to-see, large VFD display
- Easy handling of the unit
- Low maintenance cost assured

71g x 0.0001g (0.001% moisture content)

The new MX moisture analyzers are ideal for food, pharmaceutical, chemical processing, or any moisture analysis application, particularly those needing GLP/GMP/ISO compliance. This one of a kind drying system, combined with an advanced heat protection mechanism for the weigh cell, provides superior accuracy and repeatability.



Gram: 71
Milligrams: N/A
Decimal Ounce: N/A
Troy Ounce: N/A
Pennyweight: N/A
Carat: N/A
Momme: N/A
Grain Unit: N/A
Tola: N/A

Percentage Min. Div: N/A
Counting Min: N/A
Linearity: N/A
Repeatability: N/A
Stabilization Time: N/A
Sensitivity Drift: N/A

Display Refresh: N/A
Pan Size: ø85mm/2.16 inches
Dimensions (mm): 215(W) x 320(D) x 173(H)
Dimensions (in): 5.46(W) x 8.1(D) x 4.4(H)
Breeze Break (mm): N/A
Breeze Break (in): N/A
Operating Temp: 5~40°C (41~104°F) less than 85% RH
Weight: approximately 6kg/13 lbs
Power: 100 to 120V or 200 to 240V, 50\60Hz approx.400W
Std Accessories: 20 sample pans, 2 pan handles, tweezers, spoon, test sample of sodium tartrate dihydrate, WinCT Moisture CD-ROM, RS-232C cable, display and dust cover, manual, quick reference card, power cable, 2 fuses

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