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460 Series

460 Series


- Selectable Weighing Units
- VFD Display
- Remote Tar, Print, Zero
- Panel Mounting
- AC or DC Operation
- 15 Macros
- 15 Data Registers


- Truck Weighing Programs
- Checkweighing Routines
- Parts Counting and Inventory Control
- Filling and Batching
- Mult-Range Scale Indication
- Peak Weight Hold



Port 1 RS232 Full Duplex or
Port 1 RS485 Multi-drop optional or
Port 1 20mA Current Loop optional
Port 2 RS232 Full Duplex, no RTS on COMM 2
Protocols Modbus
Baud Rates 150 - 58,300K bps
Custom Transmit Tables 4 - user defined RS-232 output tables
Input Interpreter Tables 15 - user defined RS-232 input tables


VFD Bright 6 digit .75" (23.3mm) Vacuum Flourescent (VFD) with 2x5 (10 character) dot matrix for scale status and operator prompting


Signal Input Sensitivity 0.1 - 20mV/V
Signal Connection 4 or 6 conductors with sense leads
Excitation Current 350mA, short circuit protected
Excitation Voltage 10 VDC short circuit protected
Power Requirement AC, 90 - 250VAC, 50/60Hz
Power Requirement DC, 10 - 32VDC
Fuse 0.8A Slo-Blow (when using AC power)


Keypad Durable elastomeric (rubber), 5 Key (Zero, Print, Units, Tare, Select)
Stainless Steel Nema 4X, IP66 design
Shipping Weight 7lb.


Full Scale(F.S.) Selectable 0.01 to 999,990
Resolution 20 bit A/D converter, 100,000d(+/-500,000 internal)
A/D Conversion 60Hz
Flash Memory 512k Bytes
Calibration Selectable, 5 point linearization or enter L.C. mV/V F.S.
A/D Filtering GSE FIR(Finite Input Response) Filter with selectable display update rate
Units of Measure 4 user defined per scale
Custom Units 2 user defined per scale (i.e.. Tons)
Zero Adjustment Selectable, 0.01 - 100% F.S.
Non-Linearity 0.005%FS, L.C. Dependent
Operating Temp -10 Degrees Centigrade - +40 Degrees Centigrade
Time/Date Clock Volatile, battery backed optional
Warranty 2 year limited


I/O Scan Rate 16ms maximum
Number of I/O 8 maximum physical, optional
Number of I/O 16 Total (8 physical, 8 logical)
Output Voltage Rating 20 - 240 VAC @1A
Output Voltage Rating 30 - 60 VDC @2A
Input Voltage Rating 60 - 135 VAC
Input Voltage Rating 200 - 250 VAC
Input Voltage Rating 3 - 30 VDC
I/O Timer Resolution 10mx
Remote Contact Input 2 total for TARE, PRINT, START, STOP, etc.
Remote Contact Input Invokes macros 6 & 7 if programmed

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