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Hl 100

Hl 100

100g x 0.01g/3.5oz x 0.00005oz/500ct x 0.05ct

Use in a wide range of applications including food service, office, warehouse, laboratory, and industry.



Gram: 100
Milligrams: N/A
Decimal Ounce: N/A
Troy Ounce: N/A
Pennyweight: N/A
Carat: N/A
Momme: N/A
Grain Unit: N/A
Tola: N/A

Percentage Min. Div: N/A
Counting Min: N/A
Linearity: ±0.03g
Repeatability: N/A
Sensitivity Drift: N/A

Display Refresh: 3 seconds typically
Pan Size: 3.25(W) x 3(D) inches
Dimensions (mm): N/A
Dimensions (in): 3(W) x 5.3(D) x 0.8(H)
Breeze Break (mm): N/A
Breeze Break (in): N/A
Operating Temp: 5°C~35°C / 41°F~95 °F
Weight: N/A
Power: 2 AAA size alkaline batteries (standard)
Std Accessories: Calibration weights, 2 AAA size batteries, Vinyl carrying case

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