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Gp Series

Gp Series


- IP-65 Splash Proof Keyboard, Display and
- Base Units
- GLP/GMP/ISO Compliance
- ID Number
- Optional Underhook
- Density Determination of a Solid Object
- Enlargement Indication of HI, OK, LO Symbols
- Accumulation of Weighing Results
- Data Memory
- Time and Date
- Auto Self Checking
- Interval Time Setting
- Auto Re-Zero
- Large Stainless Steel Weighing Pan
- Multiple Weighing Units and Programmable Unit
- Air Bubble Leveling
- SmartRange
- Built-In Internal Calibration Mass
- Display Auto Power OFF
- Auto Power ON

Available Models
GP-100K 100Kg x 1g
GP-100KS 100kg x 1g (Remote Indicator)
GP-102K 61kg/101kg x 1g/10g (Smart Range)
GP-12K 12kg x 0.1g
GP-20K 21kg x 0.1g
GP-30K 31kg x 0.1g
GP-30KS 31kg x 0.1g (Remote Indicator)
GP-40K 41kg x 0.5g
GP-60K 61kg x 1g

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